Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Beauty Of Tattoos!!

There are many different types of tattoos around these days, but most of the tattoos that you’ll see in common use today can be divided into two major categories. These two categories don’t define all tattoos, but they define the overwhelming majority. More than 9 out of 10 tattoos given today can be placed into one of these two categories.

The first category is the mainstream temporary category of tattoo. It’s actually a bit interesting that this particular category would be referred to as mainstream because most people believe that the majority of tattoos actually don’t come from this particular category. When you get a tattoo in your cereal box that you can apply and leave on for a few days, this is essentially the temporary tattoo that is being talked about.
There are several advantages to using this type of tattoo. For starters, you can actually end up with a tattoo that is not attached to your skin permanently. This in turn can help you really get to see how you like the tattoo before making a permanent commitment. Another advantage that is worth considering is the fact that the temporary tattoo is generally a lot easier to apply than any other kind.
Just as there are advantages, so too are there disadvantages to this type of tattoo. Specifically, one of the main disadvantages is that this tattoo isn’t permanent. Therefore, if you like a particular tattoo and want to keep it, you’re going to have to go and make it permanent after the tattoo has already disappeared.

The second category is the permanent tattoo. This is the tattoo that most people actually get. Whenever you see people in tattoo places getting tattoos or looking over lists of tattoos to claim, you’ll definitely see permanent tattoos being given.
The main advantage to this type of tattoo operation is that the permanent tattoo is a set and forget tattoo. Once you’ve got it, it’s with you forever. This main advantage is also the source of the main drawback to the permanent tattoo. If at some point later you realize that you don’t want the tattoo, you’re a bit out of luck. If you’re getting a permanent tattoo design, make sure that you really want it first.


  1. love both but i would be to scared to get a tatoo lol

  2. Me an my best friend were thinking about getting matching tats idk I'm kinda scared lol.

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