Tuesday, 10 August 2010


This is my first OOTD and i really tried to put the pictures in as good as i could sorry bout the placing and organization of the pictures. ANYWAY, i tried to put a outfit that wasn't to complicated:D

Now i included the basic clothing in this OOTD. So my cardigan jacket is from Top Shop and Cost about £8.00 i think. My top is from New Look and it cost about £6-£9 don't really know because i got it for Christmas!LOL. And my jeans are jeggings from Primark which cost £7.00.

My nail polish cost £1.99 but don't know were i got it from because its my moms but, should be available at any good pharmacy's or beauty shops (Superdrug/Boots). And now my jewelry, My earrings are from New Look, they cost £1.99 and my necklace is from New Look and it cost £2.99.And ALL my rings are from Primark and ALL cost £1.99. Hope you liked my FIRST EVA OOTD and there will be many more to come and any comments leave below.LOVE FROM MIILOBEAUTY AKA MICHELLE.X

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Barry M: Nail Polish Review

Barry M Cosmetics is a company from England,of course. In fact they claim to be the UK’s #1 cosmetics company! They were also voted Best Inexpensive Nail Polish in In Style magazine for 2009. They have over 400 colors in their cosmetics line and a very wide range of products, which greatly contributes to their popularity.
A word about formula. Great! These were really smooth, even and thin going on. I liked the brushes, they weren’t too wide or narrow and the wand was the perfect length for me.
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review some of their nail polishes and really liked what I saw. I don’t really have very much to say about this nail polish as; I think they’re great however there is one major flaw. They stain my nails and yes, even with a base coat on,
therefore I try and avoid there darker colours. One of my favourites is by far is it is a bright pink because it is a nice radient colour and it reflects the holiday feelins so it it a perfect colour for summer/spring. It isn't very hard to find you can find it in any local pharmacies or retail stores such as Superdrug and Wilkonsins. So i think i will give
this a 4/5****. Love From Miilobeauty AKA Michelle.x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Best Dressed At Comic-Con!!


Nina Dobrev at the 'The Vampire Diaries' Press Conference at The San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, California. July 24, 2010. Nina is rockin the LBD (little black dress) with the stylish heels but does the black tights do this girl justice?

Blake Lively attends a red carpet for "Green Lantern" on day 3 of Comic-Con International at San Diego Convention Center on July 24, 2010 in San Diego, California. Blake styling out her usall black white outfit with a bit of clevage. But will this usall outfit put her on the worst?

Eva Mendes attends "The Other Guys" press conference at Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel on July 23, 2010 in San Diego, California. LOVE Eva's dress it shows off her great body and shows off a bit of clevage. It also makes her look younger than she actually is. But is she looking like a young wannabe?

Angelina Jolie walks onstage at the "Salt" panel during Comic-Con 2010 at San Diego Convention Center on July 22, 2010 in San Diego, California. Angie look firey hot in this black vixen dress. Angie realy knows how to turn heads. But is she drawing the wrong attention to herself?


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish: Review

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish promises perfect nail coverage in only one coat and also promises to be completely dry in just 60 seconds.
After deciding that I could afford a little treat for myself, I decided that a new nail polish would be very nice. I went into my local beauty store, Superdrug, and had a look at what they had to offer.
I spotted the Rimmel range straight away simply because the range of colours they had in their display was very bright and eyecatching. After looking through the various colours on which they do have a lot of different colours, some really bold.I saw a very in teresting colour it was like a purple candy colour but very shiny. I paid £3.99 for my nail polish which is $7.64, but I know that it can be found a lot cheaper online.
So when it came to trying my new nail polish out, I was quite optimistic about it, with it being fast drying it was ideal for me. However, as soon as I started to apply it, I was in a bit of a mess. Rimmel 60 seconds says perfect coverage in one coat, however you have to get the right amount on the brush for it to be applied thick enough for one coat. Otherwise you end up with very patchy thin colour.
I took it off and started again this time getting the consistency correct, only to find that I then had to get the whole nail covered really quickly because it starts to dry as soon as I put it on! It was going really tacky and I had not finished the nail so the end result was very rough looking!
I removed the nail polish and started yet again, so in a nutshell, get the consistency right and get your nail covered within two strokes and you will have perfect colour and a smooth finish! I finally managed to get my nails painted and was happy to find that it does dry within the 60 seconds.
I wanted to test how durable this nail polish was so did not apply a top coat.I have twins brothers so i do a lot os running around, playing and cleaning. I was very impressed to find that my nail polish lasted in perfect condition for FOUR full days! That is the longest I have ever known a nail polish to last on my nails with the amount of time I have my hands in water. After the four days, the nail polish started to wear away around the tops of my nail and around the sides. However it did not chip at all, I would say that if I had applied a top coat then it may have lasted past five days.
Although I did not find the applying of this polish easy, I do recommend it for long lasting in both colour and on my nails. So i give this nail polish a 4/5****. LOVE FROM MiiloBeauty AKA Michelle.x

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Maybelline's The Falsies: Review

It's not news to anyone who reads this regularly that I love mascara. It is my number one make-up must have and the item I wouldn't leave the house without - not even to pop to the shop for milk. So when I was asked if I wanted to test the latest from Maybelline out, of course I said yes.
I have read mixed things about this mascara, so I had a few pre-conceptions of it before I had chance to open it. Despite the fact that a few people had said they didn't like it, I still had high hopes (I always do with mascara) and these were somewhat affirmed when I saw the packaging. Yes, it's bright and a tad garish - but it's also purple and turquoise - two of my favorite colours. Plus the tube is nice and fat.

The shape of the wand is unusual - a large head, with a curved 'spoon-like' shape - designed to hug the shape of the eye and get as close to the roots as possible. In my opinion the shape is both a blessing and a curse - the flatter cuved side does allow you to get close to the root and delivers alot of product, but also this way tends to clump. But the sides of the spoon shape are longer and more 'comb-like' so help to thin out the clumping and deliver more length. Overall, I do like the shape of the wand.
This was another mascara that took a bit of getting used to, on first use I found it clumpy and disappointing but a couple of tries later and I like it. I don't think it delivers 'Big Falsies' which is a shame - but it is a nice mascara. Not one I would re-purchase, but yes one that I will use fairly regularly. It would fall into the category of mascara that I would put in a gym bag - good enough to use regularly, but not so great that I would care if I lost it. Therefore i give this mascara a 4/5****
Maybelline Big Falsies Mascara is available from Superdrug (currently priced £7.99 on the Superdrug website @ http://www.superdrug.com/page/thefalsies )

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Beauty Of Tattoos!!

There are many different types of tattoos around these days, but most of the tattoos that you’ll see in common use today can be divided into two major categories. These two categories don’t define all tattoos, but they define the overwhelming majority. More than 9 out of 10 tattoos given today can be placed into one of these two categories.

The first category is the mainstream temporary category of tattoo. It’s actually a bit interesting that this particular category would be referred to as mainstream because most people believe that the majority of tattoos actually don’t come from this particular category. When you get a tattoo in your cereal box that you can apply and leave on for a few days, this is essentially the temporary tattoo that is being talked about.
There are several advantages to using this type of tattoo. For starters, you can actually end up with a tattoo that is not attached to your skin permanently. This in turn can help you really get to see how you like the tattoo before making a permanent commitment. Another advantage that is worth considering is the fact that the temporary tattoo is generally a lot easier to apply than any other kind.
Just as there are advantages, so too are there disadvantages to this type of tattoo. Specifically, one of the main disadvantages is that this tattoo isn’t permanent. Therefore, if you like a particular tattoo and want to keep it, you’re going to have to go and make it permanent after the tattoo has already disappeared.

The second category is the permanent tattoo. This is the tattoo that most people actually get. Whenever you see people in tattoo places getting tattoos or looking over lists of tattoos to claim, you’ll definitely see permanent tattoos being given.
The main advantage to this type of tattoo operation is that the permanent tattoo is a set and forget tattoo. Once you’ve got it, it’s with you forever. This main advantage is also the source of the main drawback to the permanent tattoo. If at some point later you realize that you don’t want the tattoo, you’re a bit out of luck. If you’re getting a permanent tattoo design, make sure that you really want it first.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

L'Oreal 6HR Infallible LipGloss: Review

The L’Oreal Infallible six hour lasting lip gloss, is a bit of a dissapointment. This lip gloss goes on very nice. It looks absolutely beautiful, but it does not last six hours.
I have never tried any long lasting lip sticks or glosses before. I have bought lip sticks that stain my lips and last a long time, even though they are not sold as such. This is the first long lasting lip gloss I have ever tried and was hoping it really worked. Since I always need to re-apply my lip gloss every half hours, all day long. It is a bit of a pain, and I was hoping this would do the trick for the whole day!!
I tried the L’Oreal brand because I love all of the L’Oreal products,and they always seem to work as promised. Well this was a bit of a dissapointment.
This product does not last six hours. Maybe an hour. Which is longer than a regular lip gloss. But if you eat or drink within that hour, it will come off. Your lips do remain soft and moisturized for a few hours of the day. But the gloss does slowly come off. So does the color.
This product will not stay on through kissing, or eating, or drinking. Although it is still pretty on the lips and does keep them moisturized for quite a while. It does not last six hours. So i would give this a 4/5****. LOVE from MiiloBeauty AKA Michelle.x

New Revlon Basic Red Lipstick: Review

Wonderful. I LOVE this lipstick. It wears so well, comes on so perfectly creamy, and doesn't feel dry at all. The colour is lovely - I find that the brick red is super easy to wear on a day-to-day basis, unlike brighter reds, and the matte finish really contributes to this. I got mine on sale for £4 which was a fantastic deal, and though I'm too thrifty to buy it at full price I'll have to look out for another sale to pick up some of the other colours - I love the formula and feel of this lipstick. A+!My only other qualm is perhaps the packaging - although it looks very classy, the plastic feels cheap and you can often mistake it for being closed all the way when it isn't. Otherwise, fantastic product! 5/5*****

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Est'ee Lauder EyeShadow: Review

I think this eye shadow is very convient and has a nice choice. I think the two colours (Lemon and Apricot) go together very well. Iwould definatley give this eye shadow a 5/5 because the quality of the product is very exspansive. The cost for this wonderful eyeshadow is approimitley £15.00 in any good beauty stores i would recomend Boots or Superdrug!! hope you enjoyed my first eva post!!! bye guys!! Love From MiiloBeauty AKA Michelle.x