Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish: Review

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish promises perfect nail coverage in only one coat and also promises to be completely dry in just 60 seconds.
After deciding that I could afford a little treat for myself, I decided that a new nail polish would be very nice. I went into my local beauty store, Superdrug, and had a look at what they had to offer.
I spotted the Rimmel range straight away simply because the range of colours they had in their display was very bright and eyecatching. After looking through the various colours on which they do have a lot of different colours, some really bold.I saw a very in teresting colour it was like a purple candy colour but very shiny. I paid £3.99 for my nail polish which is $7.64, but I know that it can be found a lot cheaper online.
So when it came to trying my new nail polish out, I was quite optimistic about it, with it being fast drying it was ideal for me. However, as soon as I started to apply it, I was in a bit of a mess. Rimmel 60 seconds says perfect coverage in one coat, however you have to get the right amount on the brush for it to be applied thick enough for one coat. Otherwise you end up with very patchy thin colour.
I took it off and started again this time getting the consistency correct, only to find that I then had to get the whole nail covered really quickly because it starts to dry as soon as I put it on! It was going really tacky and I had not finished the nail so the end result was very rough looking!
I removed the nail polish and started yet again, so in a nutshell, get the consistency right and get your nail covered within two strokes and you will have perfect colour and a smooth finish! I finally managed to get my nails painted and was happy to find that it does dry within the 60 seconds.
I wanted to test how durable this nail polish was so did not apply a top coat.I have twins brothers so i do a lot os running around, playing and cleaning. I was very impressed to find that my nail polish lasted in perfect condition for FOUR full days! That is the longest I have ever known a nail polish to last on my nails with the amount of time I have my hands in water. After the four days, the nail polish started to wear away around the tops of my nail and around the sides. However it did not chip at all, I would say that if I had applied a top coat then it may have lasted past five days.
Although I did not find the applying of this polish easy, I do recommend it for long lasting in both colour and on my nails. So i give this nail polish a 4/5****. LOVE FROM MiiloBeauty AKA Michelle.x


  1. I love the colour and the price is not to much either GREAT POST MIILO :D

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! Love this color; the purple is so pretty. <3

  3. @steph thanks for the follow:D
    @sparkleshinemagic I kno i was so happy when i found this in superdrug:D

  4. @sparkleshinemagic thnx bbez!!!:D

  5. Lovely colour - how long does it last before chipping? I always find my quick dry polishes chip fast!

    Best, Lisamarie

  6. hey love your blog! thanks for the follow. i should be on here more often ^_^

  7. @lisamarie mine lasted about 3-4days
    @Fashion-rocks me too and i think purple is a bright colour so it reflects on my personality.
    @mahniikuh makeup obesession no problem bbez:D Yu can visit any time!! LOL

  8. i was so impressed with it when I bought it, it really does stay chip free!


  9. what is the name of the purple nail varnish?